In the highly segmented and growing tourism sector in Turkey a hotel chain has to know its position to distinguish from its competitors.

Senza Hotels know their position in the hospitality industry. With a portfolio of three hotels we are a significant player in the tourismus industry in Antalya.

Our product range includes ultra-all-inclusive-service. The property locations range from the resort and spa The Inn, which is situated in Türkler/Alanya, to two four stars Hotels also located in Alanya next to the beach. Each hotel is strategically located with the ideal product and the perfect hotel brand for its particular market. While mid-priced, full-service hotels will always be the heart of our business, we know what our guests want and offer the products and services they desire. So we deliver great value to our guests.


Our company focuses on high values and trust in personal relationships. Our success will enable us to continue to grow and develop the company. We will do this with steady, planned growth and by taking advantage of strategic opportunities.


We will continue to increase during any kind of economic conditions, by continuing to keep in touch with our guests, to point out service and managing our business effectively . First of all we will continue to realize our quality policy. Various hotel interests extend throughout the area of Antalya, in carefully selected locations. Our  hotel management teams exhibit a commitment to fair management, customer satisfaction and profitable transactions.

Enjoy a safe holiday with 100% Customer Satisfaction...

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